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Monday, October 20, 2008

Held Together with Determination ... and the mechanics.

Any year-round horticulture therapy program in Zone 6 where I reside and where I am employed needs either a sun room or a greenhouse to maintain the growing season. Many horticulture programs at nursing homes and schools utilize the sunny window sills of various rooms and/or classrooms. Since my program has been around for ages, I have the good "graces" to be the owner of a greenhouse. Well, it's not mine personally, you know....

It is held together by aluminum and screws by also by rust, algae, sheer determination of its owner NOT to let it fall apart, and by the good graces of the carpenters and mechanics on station. Someday, I hope to get a grant together so that I could pay for a new greenhouse. Or maybe, I could be awarded a grant through the AHTA (American Horticulture Therapy association) for a fabulous idea of something or other. Hm mm... let me add that to my ever growing ("ha!") list of things to do. Or maybe manna will fall down from heaven again (oh yea, that happened already 2000 years ago!)

That said, this morning I get to work early to sneak a peek at the topiaries et al. I had spent Friday afternoon working on developing a streamlined way of making these topiaries and I wanted to see if what I thought was a good idea turned out. What do I find? Leaky steam pipes. Was I surprised, heck NO!

So, as I am talking to my patients that these are steam pipes are extremely hot and stay away from them because they are leaking. Simultaneously, one of my patients proceeds to walk over and puts his face over a very leaky pipe. The steam is billowing around him... and ... this is how my day started. UMMMM????

Moral of story: There is and always will be at least one. Prepare yourself.

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