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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The beginning

I would like to encourage other practioners to pursue this type of therapy within more traditional types of rehabilitation. I practise this type of therapy in the venue of a landscaping contract mid May through late August or September. At which time, I then settle down to more traditional types of horticulture therapy in the venue of a flowershop. However, this may or may not be realistic and more traditional types of horticulture therapy may be more beneficial. I would like to share my ideas of horticulture therapy, my successes and stuggles with maintaining the integrity of the field. Perhaps, as the blog morphs, we might explore other topics in life and rehabilitation such as pet therapy, art therapy, recreation therapy.

This is such a small field that individuals provide this type of therapy under various titles. I have met individuals who are social workers, nurses, correctional officers, and occupational therapists who provide horticulture therapy to assist their patients in a variety of situations.

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