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Monday, November 10, 2008

Thinking about Christmas

Today in an act of sheer boredom, I got out the 7 mm double ended wired red berries. We put these on Norfolk pines. A GREAT project for those that like to work on a project by themselves or someone that is detail oriented!! I have a couple of pines left over from last year that have been growing well in the Flower Shop (patients love to overwater them and the pines love to stay moist - a win-win situation). I had 2 patients practise on the pine. Going is rather slow. I also have another Norfolk Pine that has been transplanted into a 14 inch pot... I think THAT pine is going to get regular sized berries or glass balls. On the 25Th of November, I get my first shipment of evergreens which includes wreaths, swags, door charms, and crosses. Can you believe that I pre-ordered those late summer? Wait...I hear many bad puns and funny stories about various patients in Horticulture Therapy and their attempts to decorate wreaths with tiny glass balls! And since, I work with mainly men....HO HO HO!! Next week we are getting our first delivery of poinsettias (3 different sizes), Norfolk pine, cyclamen, and Christmas cactus. Help... I am drowning!!
Until today, it has been unseasonably warm. Hard to think about Christmas in the Northeast when it is warm. Already, a couple of radio stations have been playing Christmas music. I just can't do it!! But will have to be ready next week.

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