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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A wedding and a truck full of evergreens!

In a flower shop that also doubles as horticulture therapy space, we often have several things going on at one. I think that makes the time go faster, more challenging, more interesting. It also leads to increased irritability on my part when the carefully orchestrated plans fall apart. Like today.

I planned that I would get in a truck full of evergreens. We would spend the day dipping the greens in "wilt-pruf" and start making bows and decorations! After all, we have 60 wreaths to decorate for an installation at Fort Indiantown Gap Cemetery.

Nah... the delivery got misplaced. Razzle FRAZZLE!!!!!


the wedding flowers that I was supposed to do tomorrow got upped today. RAWR!!!!!!!

I was trying very hard not to loose my cool...every time that I was working with a flower that would fall apart, tape would rip, leaf fall off or all of the above simultaneously. But finally, when I popped the head off one of the mini roses... I let the silliest/stupidest curse out:


...and I hear this voice....

"ah, would that make it a cucumber?"


  1. Lots of 'Razzle FRAZZLE' stuff going on here! Enjoyed my visit into your creative life and thanks for visiting mine. Cut armloads of red twig dogwood from the lake cottage for holiday arrangements ... love 'em mixed with greens!

  2. OOOHhhhh... that sounds very pretty! I cut all sorts of stuff from outside to put into arrangements.