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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Birdhouse Arrangement

It is time to dust off the birdhouse arrangements that we made late last year. Although I am frantically trying to keep the greenhouse up and growing, the flower shop is also needing attention. I had a veteran make up these simple arrangments from pre-bunched flowers. 2 Carnations, a spray of daisies, dried sedum (because I didn't have any baby's breath), a pick that was a nest with artificial eggs, baker's fern, solidago... and away you go.

I have since learned from my conversations with my boss (who was a bonafide Horticulture Therapist...from a learned college and everything!) that my program is a vocational horticulture program. We are structured more to the production end of horticulture versus the altruistic therapy side of horticulture.

Ahhhh.... that explains many things! To moi, at least it makes all the sense.

I find it challenging to write as of late with all the things going on in my life. I had sciatica so severe that I went to the doctor and found out more information than I wanted to know about the disintegration of my spinal fusion. I also received 2 epidural shots to heal the hideous sciatica that was running down my left leg. Now, all I have left to complain about is the fasciatis or heel spurs that have hobbled me since I am back on my feet.

I was bemusing to my co-worker/assistant the other month about how severely impaired the veterans referred to Horticulture are compared to other years. So, what happens? I now have a group that is very smart - presenting a different set of challenges. Now, I find myself explaining details to individuals or trying to set boundaries that other veterans would just accept and not challenge. This group of veterans can process information very quickly...sometimes overthinking a situation and stagnating themselves in the process.

The season has returned that I am now working 5 full days and a Sunday afternoon watering plants. But, I love plants... and my job.

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