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Monday, March 9, 2009

Setcreasea pallida

We call this plant Purple Heart and not its latin name because working in a Veteran Hospital, the name Purple Heart wins alot of kudos. These pictures are after its been living in the greenhouse for awhile and it has been potted in a 6 inch pot with a purple metallic spay for sparkle. So, since it was a beautiful dark plum color, we took it up to the shop for sale. Alas, it did not sell well because we have had it in the shop on and off for awhile. Now, I am tired of dealing with its very leggy habitat because it is inside away from full sun. Plus, it goes from the wonderful deep plum color in the full sun of the greenhouse, to a greenish-faintly purple plant.

So, I had all the Purple Heart aka Setcreasea gathered up from the Flower Shoppe and returned it all to the greenhouse. My intention is to put it in potted arrangements that will be for sale in a month or so.

This morning was a test of wills for a Monday morning. One of my patients was stuck in this questioning, adversarial, combative mood. I try to tell the patients that although we work well together, I am the supervisor-type and they need to comply with my instructions. Sometimes, the only thing that gets through the fog is that they have two choices regarding my instructions: either follow what I am talking about or choose to go home and think things over and return tomorrow.

Not always easy to convince these guys that times have changed since their last job and it would behoove them to start practising appropriate work skills. Especially ones like listening, attendance, punctuality...

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