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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Venus Fly Traps

Another nice thing about running a flowershop that doubles as a vocational horticulture program, is that I have the opportunity to purchase houseplants that are unusual at times. It helps with keeping up the interesting plant factor. When the salesman called...he said: "Kathy, I have some Venus Fly traps... would you like to try some?" Heck YES ... that sounds super kewl!

The guys have all been super entranced with the Venus Fly trap plants. Guess it is a manly plant because it eats bugs!! It has been very fun, curious, and a bit strange to see customers reactions to these plants.

My favorite question from customers so far is.... How BIG will they grow? We have to keep them alive first. They are bog plants. One of my patients picked up a line in the directions that said that you should let it sit in the cup of water.

As for answer to the question "how big will they grow?" I don't think it will grow as Audrey, in Little Shop of Horrors (picture compliments of Google)



  1. Two words: Bizarre and Amazing!

    (This is Red Clover by the way, I guess I am under my other blog identity...)

  2. I agree... it is a little bizarre. But, a little eccentricity doesn't hurt it usually adds spice to the mix!


  3. That was a scary photo! The last one, I mean :-). Nice and most interesting post. I love your passion for plants. Many thanks.

    Greetings from London.

  4. That last picture was of audrey who was an overgrown Venus Fly trap on steroids from the Movie "Little Shop of Horrors" back in the 80's. Glad you have enjoyed the website.