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Monday, April 13, 2009

new guinea impatiens

This is the time of year when I start to struggle to keep things going in the greenhouse AND the time when I start trying to find room to put everything that is starting to grow.

Remember this plant? It was just a tiny plug in March and now it is blooming. Of course, at work I only have my camera phone. I prefer to think of the warping of the picture intentional. It was transplanted into 804 market packs. We have such wonderful colors with exquisite names... Electric Orange, Rose Cherry, Pink Frost! Here is my digital version of Electric Orange.
If I should somehow forget that I work in an unpredictable environment with persons who are sober one day and drunk the next, such was the case with one of my patients. He told me this morning that he went out Saturday night and got drunk and therefore lost his place in the Horticulture Therapy program. Just two weeks earlier when one of the other vets in the program relapses, he was commenting on the change in behavior, the lack of focus on recovery. This morning we discussed this amongst the remaining vets in the program but not much was said.


  1. Sometimes it's a hard emotional line to draw when you work with people who have to make decisions, and whose decisions can change the directions of their lives in ways you wouldn't want to happen...at least your plants look great!

  2. Red Clover, you know how it is being in the helping professions. People just are so unpredictable which both wonderful, and heart breaking sometimes. Thanks!