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Monday, April 27, 2009

Miss her.

On Friday, I went to a very nice nursery and bought an overpriced 5 foot Snow Fountain Weeping Cherry to plant by Building one next to the pond. Here is a picture that I have included (not mine) from a website as the tree presently is not blooming and has its branches trimmed short (YUCK!!). I personally liked the weeping pussywillow but was outvoted.

We are planting it as a memorial for a very special co-worker (Lea) who died of lung cancer last spring. Before I was in Horticulture, I was in management and she was my first program support clerk that I hired. She was a wonderful lady who was not long for my department as she was so talented she eventually landed in the Chief of Staff's office.

I tried to go to her funeral but got lost. That distressed me for awhile. However, it was one of those days when the cell phone didn't help, the GPS wasn't charged, and I couldn't find the church.

This is the least that I can do to remember her wonderful and kind spirit.

We planted it today, Monday, and have fertilized it and watered it. Is it ok to pray for the growth of a tree? I know it does not replace her, but I think of her when I see it and smile.


  1. It's a beautiful tree for what sounds like a beautiful person.

  2. THank you. I hope the present branches will 'weep' more next year.