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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Teaching appreciation

Can you teach appreciation? Ummm....

I guess I am nurturing appreciation for the outdoors and exploring vocational possibilities with my program. Today was a very busy day. It was Administrative Professional's Day. In years gone by, it was referred to as Secretary's Day.

Anyhow, we made scads of dish gardens. Although no pictures, this is a very simple horticulture item that is quick, easy, and presents well.

Take a low lying basket... I buy them by the dozen. Take floral foil and make a square larger than your basket and put the foil on the inside of the basket as if it was a pie shell in a pie pan ( but no holes please ). Cut a large piece of colored cello to place over the foil. Then add enough potting soil to come to right below the edge of the basket. Add small 4 in potted plants. We chose 2 plants and 3 begonias from market packs. Put spanish moss over the top. Place a fluffy bow on one corner and a pick with the holiday greeting on the other side.



  1. Oh! That's great! I totally want to see pictures! (If you don't have them, that's okay;)

  2. Posted the picture today... thanks!!