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Thursday, May 14, 2009

What to do in the rain...


We spent the day transplanting 2 french lilacs, one ginormous yellowtwig dogwood, and 2 weigela bushes. I find rainy days easy on planting. The earth has been loosened, the sun is not out to burn vegetation, and Nature takes care of gently putting water around the plant.

We put one lilac in front of the Research building which is across from the plumbing workshop. A most satisfying thing happened today while we were planting the bush. One of the guys from the plumbing shop was watching us plant the lilac and was so happy that we had a lilac. All my stereotypes of men and flowers were destroyed in that moment!! Then the staff from the Research building saw us planting the lilac, and they were elated...

That made my day.

Started 2 new veterans today. Then, the task for the guys for the day became fine tuning the development of all sorts of relationship skills. People work at different speeds and different levels. Some folks like to stay busy and get really frustrated if they don't have work to do. Some folks intellectualize everything and procrastinate completing a task because they "think too much". This causes issues that need to be addressed before unholiness breaks out... always a challenge.


  1. I am so loving that header shot!


  2. Thanks Jen. The picture came with my computer, so I can not take credit for its origin. Always enjoy the photos on your page...someday when I can slow down, perhaps I will take more care and take prettier pictures.

  3. French Lilacs....ohh, I'd love to smell them. Planting after rain is so much easier. A little muddy, but easier!

  4. I too love the smell of real lilacs. Imatation lilace sprays and whatnots don't do the fresh scent of lilacs...

    have a wonderful day!