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Saturday, July 11, 2009

A gardener... who wants to play cello?

I have acquired a cello... rent to own. Lessons start this upcoming week.

Many people at work were surprised when I told them that I was acquiring a cello. Yes, I am going to be an adult student. Wonder why that seems so odd?

Could their surprise be from the fact that I wear steel toed boots, dig in the dirt for a living, and I am a filthy mess by 10am? Or maybe its because after spending so many years working with street addicts, my language (when upset) is equal to a salty sailor? I say...careful! Don't judge a book by its cover, at least not this one!

A friend of mine said... "I know why you want to play cello. So your daughter can say....


Happy Gardening...


  1. I am not surprised, and obviously I don't know you as a person, just as a blogger friend. I say go for it!

    There is something mysterious and slightly romantic about the Cello. It has such beautiful tones, resonates wonderfully. I am rather looking forward to hearing how it goes. Who knows, you might start a revolution. We can then all send out Utube videos on our blogs.


  2. I love Cello music... and thank you for your vote of confidence. I used to play clarinet so this is a whole entirely different world, but hey, why not!

  3. More evidence that gardeners actually do have a life! LOL

  4. Smile!! How true... plus I figure that this is a hobby that I can do in the winter time when it is cold and dreary unlike gardening.

  5. My son okays cello in the in the MacArthur High School Orchestra. He started in 6th grade, now he's a sophomore. At first it was painful to hear him scratch out a tune...sounded more like 5 or 6 cats fighting in his room. Then two years ago he got it. Now we get a free concert for 2 hours a day. Beautiful.

    Hang in there through the "cat fighting stage" and you'll be rewarded with beautiful music.

  6. What a great balance for you-gardening and playing the Cello! I've always wanted to play an instument. I'm so inspired by you!

  7. Thank you Chris and Sweetflutterbys: Had my first lesson tonight. Since I used to play piano and then clarinet (a few decades ago), this hopefully won't be too painful. I am very pleased to have been able to make a pleasant sound already...so progress is being made.

  8. Wondering how the cello lessons are coming. I keep coming back to the idea of picking up cello myself....

  9. The cello lessons are going well. Since I am on medical leave, I plan to use a good bit of this time to practise. Please let me know if you start cello!!