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Monday, August 10, 2009

Bachelor Buttons and Coneflowers

These two flowers grow in my Wildflower Garden that I have by the pole barn near the greenhouse. Full sun and not much water are the daily elements of this garden. Occasionally, I attempt to thin out some of the flowers but by this time of year, my efforts are stunted by heat and ... bees. This is one garden that I keep to myself because most of my patients just don't understand the principle of "thinning" versus "destroying". Agh, ain't life grand?

I just love how even the faded blooms look of Bachelor Buttons. Bachelor Buttons are also known as cornflower with that wonderful shade of blue. One website says that their name comes from that the flowers made good boutonnieres. Yes, that probably would be true as a single bloom would easily fit in a button hole on a suit. I take the stems of the spent blooms and throw them back into the garden... these plants are so beautiful .... I want them to keep multiplying!!

The effervescent pink coneflower graces my wildflower garden also this year. It is starting to get overwhelmed by the summer's heat. The bees have been extremely busy with pollinating the flowers and we have enjoyed it from afar. It will be time to split the plant and plant elsewhere on campus.

Happy Gardening!

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