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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Getting re-started

We have been busy in Horticulture Therapy and can hardly believe that August 2009 is almost gone. I realized that I have shortened my time at work this month by taking Fridays off at the request of my teenage daughter. She has been home during the month of August and really wanted to have someone to spend time with during the week. That was a perfect excuse for a shorter work week!! Additionally, the last 3 Monday mornings, I have also been off to go to the podiatrist. My mind loves Horticulture and landscaping. My body does not share this love.

So, the landscaping in HT has been boiled down to the remaining few shaded places around the Medical Center, trimming bushes around the Hospital and the greenhouse, trying to figure out how to complete the project at Building 2, and maintaining 75 flowering whiskey barrels and about 30 flowerbeds. Additionally, we have been selling Potted Mums in the New Leaf Flower Shoppe to customers for their outside beautification. I think this is earlier than we got them last year... it is nice to see the fall colors when everything else is starting to fade. Soon the cycle reverses itself, and we will put all the flowerbeds to sleep, and return to working in the Flower Shoppe 3 days a week and the greenhouse 2 days a week.

A couple of last minute projects have popped up. The 3rd Welcome Home Celebration was held today at our facility for the local returning veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan. This meant that the flowerbeds at the building around the celebration needed to be weeded, trimmed and mulched. In the August heat, this was quite a feat (if I say so myself). The gardens around the Greenhouse even got spruced up...as we always are a bitty shaggy because everywhere else gets priority treatment before us.

Finally, we have obtained our new utility vehicle to replace the AGED CUSHMAN. I will get some pictures later but it is a truly spiffy orange Kubota RTV500.

Happy Gardening

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