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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Mirabilis AKA Four o'clocks

In all honesty, I didn't know the genus name of this flower but I looked it up on Dave's Garden for you techno gardeners. I like the common name. This plant also was brought back from Texas in seed form last year. 4 o'clocks don't always bloom at four o'clock but bloom when the temperature of the day drops... sounds reasonable to me!

Some people don't like this plant. It tends to be invasive I have been told...which is a good thing because when I asked my crew to weed...they pulled out most of the volunteers. Sigh. I read that the seeds are poisonous and parts of the plant are poisonous (as it is in the Nyctaginaceae family...nicotine... ugh).

However, the upside is great! The flowers are incredible and I have been told that the perfume is intoxicating. In this variety, the color is intense fuchsia... yeah! The plant is deer resistant. It self seeds which in the vast depths of one of the ovals of the Medical Center (that are shaded by enormous mature tulip poplar trees) I see that is a good thing... my apologies to Martha Stewart.

Happy Gardening

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