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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Horticulture Rocks!

This year my boss stated that my horticulture crew and I could make a float for the Veteran's Day Parade . The parade is held the first Friday in November and goes through the campus of the VA medical facility and is well attended by all patients and members of the community. It is before Veteran's Day because that is a day that all VA employees get off. In the last few years, public relations has been trying to get more staff involved with floats in the parade with friendly competitions such as pizza parties or plaques. Originally, I planned to be on station to assist with designing, manuafacturing, and operation of the float. However, due to medical issues, I helped present an idea, get the idea started and purchase the supplies, and oversee the initial stages.

I am most proud. The theme of the float was to be patriotic. One of the guys came up with "Planting the Seeds of Liberty, and cultivating the fruit of PATRIOTISM. Horticulture ROCKS!!" We made cornicopia with a bamboo frame, and covered it with burlap sprayed brown. We also made large fruit-vegetable objects that were put in the cornucopia.

Can't show closer up pictures due to privacy... but HORTICULTURE ROCKS!


  1. What a delightful post. Horticulture rocks and so do the Veterans and all of you involved in the Veteran's Day Parade. You make us proud.

  2. That is awesome. What a great theme. Congratulations! Good work to all. Happy Veteran's Day!

  3. Thank you all. My coworker called me at home and told me that everyone had a great time. It was really cold on the day of the parade but has warmed up considerably. I wonder what we will think of for next year??