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Friday, November 13, 2009

Regaining one's stamina

Recuperation from surgery is boring but I have been humbled.

Quickly humbled when I tried to walk the dog around 2 short blocks. I had done around the block before but I wanted him to get out for a bit more than 15 minutes. The walk took me almost 40 minutes because after the first block, I wanted someone to come pick me up! The dog was looking at me quizically when we were at the last bit as I was taking teeny steps and had shortened his leash quite considerably so there would be NO CANINE sniffing, peeing, or whatnot!

So, I must work on regaining that as there is always stuff for a Horticulturist to do outside when I return to work. The biggest incentive right now is to recuperate so that I can walk the Medical Center grounds. Can you believe that Christmas is not far off? I have been thinking of trimming evergreens but I have to be able to walk around and stand in front of big trees. Big boughs of silver pine, fruited Holly tree limbs, branches of cedar and fir await my pruning hooks.
Can't wait...


  1. Take it easy. Don't over do it. Good thing your dog is gentle and didn't pull you along unwillingly. Before you know it, you'll be outside freezing to death while doing the decorating at the Medical Center.

  2. I agree with Donna. Don't over-do it. It's great that you have all that "work" to look forward to. Good luck and speedy recovery!

    Thanks for the book tip in the last post.

  3. Donna and Marie... I am learning what over doing it feels like...so, I am trying to enjoy lazing around. I am afraid this lazing around is habit forming. Oh well, not to worry. Thanks!