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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

A short visit to Austin

Had a short trip to Austin Texas over the Thanksgiving Holiday which was absolutely fabulous. I will include a mish mash of pictures. It did help me decide to return to work part-time as walking any distance is more of an issue than I thought it would be by this time (which isn't really that much time but I am afraid that if I stay home any longer, I will not want to go back.)

Early on Saturday, we took a walk just around the block because I wanted to collect some Prickly Pear Cactus. In Austin, these cactus grow in any lot that is not plowed. My neighbor has a variety that withstands the cold of PA winters. These probably will not... but it is fun to experiment. So I went in a local field and dug up a few... tiny things so that I would not be disturbing wildlife.

While I was there, I tried to get a couple shots of some wildflowers...unknown names.

And then the final greatness, a stop at Hey Cupcake! Here is the website: http://www.heycupcake.com/story.html I think it is relatively a "new" Austin thing quickly on its way to becoming an institution. This guy has a couple of Airstream trailersfrom which he sells cupcakes for $2.50 each. Cupcakes come in 6 different flavors available under the menu section of the website. I sampled the Michael Jackson, a chocolate cupcake bottom with cream cheese frosting. Fab-u-lous! You could also make the cupcake into a Whipper Snapper by having a dollop of whipped cream injected into the cupcake. Yum.
So there you have it, some different perspectives from my favorite place to visit family.
Happy Gardening!

So, all in all, a really nice day.


  1. Many years ago I had a small cactus garden in my house. It was fun and different. Outside, I had the ones with pretty yellow flowers that are hardy around here for a few years - until I got tired of getting spines in my hands. Good luck with yours. Let us know how they do.

  2. My mother in law loves to grow cactus, but only in her home on the window sills.

    The cupcakes sound delicious! Now I'm hungry!

  3. We will see how this experiment goes... maybe it will work for a year or so! Happy Gardening to both of you.