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Friday, January 8, 2010

Belated Happy New YEAR from a wannabe plant miracle worker!!

I'm not a plant miracle worker just a vocational counselor who is a registered horticulture therapist ... but wouldn't that be something if I was the Plant Miracle Worker? Nah...too much responsibility!

We have been busy repotting everything in the flowershop that seemed to grow while the Christmas madness was going on. HT plugs along as a therapeutic program despite a lack of customers... because patients still need to have a structured work therapy program.

Friday someone brought into the shoppe two very sad plants. However, some things can not be saved. Somehow, I think that folks here think that my program can "work its magic" and save everything.

The first plant was a dieffenbachia that was sitting happily on a window ledge during the fall months. However, last weekend the window was mistakenly left open because the office was too hot and the poor plant froze. I couldn't stand to deal with it on Friday because it was such a travesty. Today, Monday... I trimmed back the dead leaves on the dieffenbachia... it does not look happy, but it does have a few leaves that are near the top that are uncurling into new growth. Perhaps, the plant will rebound without its burnt leaves. I returned to its owner who had bought another dieffenbachia to replace the first one.

The second plant was a Zygo cactus that was shrivelling in on itself. When I received the plant on Friday, there was no moisture in the soil. The soil was so dry that the dirt was pulling away from the pot and the soil was low. I changed the soil, mixed in some time release fertilizer, planted a new cactus to fill in a spot that was vacant in the existing pot and watered the poor thing. The zygo cactus also got a haircut because those shrivelled leaves had become crunchy. Oh my.

So, with so much sadness, I must show you a picture of some gorgeous Riegor Begonias that we bought from the wholesaler to sell in the Shoppe.

Happy gardening! We are going to be starting to work in the greenhouse in addition to the Flower Shoppe.

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  1. You know how to end a post on a happy note. Luv the colorful begonias.