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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Hopeless Case #2

My patients, their friends, and the staff of the medical center have been bringing in examples of plant neglect for a potential "cure". This has been a constant, but I only have thought it was funny (in my twisted sense) as of late and therefore, it has become blog fodder. So let's start with the good.

Here is a healthy Dracaena Lemon Lime Warnickii that we sell in the shoppe.

Now, are you ready? The following picture is unedited... and is graphic in nature as we quickly slip into the ugly... the bad.

And here is the one that came in with one of my patients. The patients were astounded and confounded as to what could have caused this problem. I am not sure but I think it is the classic water torture method. Ha.... First, the newbie buys said plant but usually forgets to water the plant. This causes feelings of guilt causing said newbie to demonstrate their committment to the plant and they basically start to overwater the plant. The overwatering causes the plant to start rotting hence the cark brown leaves. Then the underwatering starts because of the rotting and the vicious cycle quicly spirals to this.

Any other ideas.

There were 2 leaves... that appear to be somewhat new. All other leaves were removed. We'll see, it may have been too late.



  1. It looks like a classic drowning case to me. Been there, done that. LOL

  2. If anyone can save the sick Dracaena, you can.

    I'd buy that $2.00 Dracaena Lemon Line in a heart beat, if I lived close by.