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Sunday, February 7, 2010

New Mode of Winter Transportation

This doesn't have much to do with horticulture therapy, but it was a cool shot. Yesterday, while walking around in the 24+ inches of snow, I saw the ultimate in Amish winter transportation (we are neighbors in these parts) ... a horse pulled sleigh. No bells, but lots of blankets!! I took this picture, it was the real deal, and they were parked in the KMART parking lot.


  1. Hah, that is a cool picture. All we saw was a bunch of cars stranded all over the highway and back roads. That was some storm, wasn't it?

  2. Great picture. We don't see any horse-drawn vehicles around here. I'll bet the sleighs will be out again after the big snowfall yesterday. We will be shoveling again today.

  3. Love this picture! I'm assuming their facing away from you on purpose?