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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Play from your heartstrings

Rather than becoming tangled up in all of the disturbances which endlessly and infinitely present themselves in the field of our worldly life, please let's consider the preciousness of this life.  Swami Chetanananda

I took this picture with my camera phone on January 6, 2012, my daughter's 17th birthday.  It was such a beautiful morning sunrise.  Today is quite the opposite.  Rainy, wet, and gray. 

I wanted to give a 'soulution' from Dr. Bernie Siegels' book, "365 Prescriptions for the Soul."  I like this book because it is very uplifting, motivating, and inspirational.  I use it to quote from when writing comments on notes or cards.

Yesterday's 'Soulution of the Day" was:
"You are a Stradivarius.
Play from your heartstrings."

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