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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Sundew ... another carnivorous plant!

"Sundews lure, capture, and digest insects by coating their leaves with the strongest glue in nature.  Gnats, mosquitos, and other small insects and their bodily fluids are then absorbed by the plant.  (Taken from the label on the sundew, grown at www.flytrapfarm.com"

My BF loves carnivorous plants.  He let me keep this Sundew (Drosera sp.) on my windowsill at home to catch the gnats that plague the kitchen from the banana peels.  This particular sundew is growing tall versus more common ones that grow in rosettes.

We sold other types of carnivorous plants in the New Leaf Flowershop... they are easy because they can be watered almost everyday with distilled or rain water. 

Have you grown any insect eating plants??? 

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