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Thursday, April 19, 2012

20 years really does change a person....

Ever realize that twenty years have gone by and you were amazed?  Twenty years ago it was 1992.  Yes, that is obvious.  But I was just starting my career. 

A few observations on the changes from one perspective.... my clothes:

I still wore high heeled shoes to work.  Now I am more concerned about comfort and avoiding plantar fascitis or back pain than looking cute.  The length of my skirts in 1992 was just above my knee and now they tend to be in the middle of my calf.  In 1992, if I wore something form fitting, it was on purpose, not because I have outgrown it (I am fluffy!). 

20 years ago, I raised my hand and was sworn in as an employee of the Department of Veterans Affairs. In response to this revelation, some individuals have said negative things like, "I'm sorry! or "Really, why?" And I say, working with addicted veterans is like throwing starfish into the sea when they have washed  up on shore. It may not do much for all the starfish or even most of the starfish, but for the one that makes it, it means the world. I am one of many Government employees who work hard at their job, whatever that may be.  I have moved around a bit in my career but I wouldn't change my experiences one bit.

Now, if I can only make 7 more years so I can retire ....   :)

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