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Monday, June 25, 2012

LadyBird Johnson Wildflower Center and Origami

Wildflowers are so beautiful...and while visiting family in the Austin area last week, we went for our visit to the LadyBird Johnson's Wildflower Center.  One of these years, I might actually visit at the time of year where it isn't so blazing hot.  But this was not that year!  
The entrance to the gardens starts with this beautiful aquaduct system.  It is made of the ever present sandstone.
The grey corrugated structure is part of the cisterns that stores water that is collected by the aquaduct.

Blooming in many places including the LBJ center were agave, yuccas, cactus... 

 Growing and blooming in dry hot shade were thousands of "Turk's Cap."  Me thinks they are so jaunty with their fire engine red color.

Autumn sage was struggling valiantly to show off its long throated blooms.

 I thought one of the most striking native Texas flowering plants is the "Standing Cypress"

I suppose, that some of these cactus are so common, they don't even post names.  They still are interesting with their odd shapes, bumps, flowers, and spines.

"Wright's skullcap" is the color of "Chicory".

" Seep mulhly" brings that deep yellow into the garden.

 "Big Red Sage"

Red Yucca "au natural"
Red Yucca (looks exotic when you see it closeup)

Texas Honeysuckle

What I like about this garden, is their deep appreciate to make the  hardscape look as natural as possible.  Plus, they understand that to enjoy the totality of nature, its best to rest and be quiet.

In the cool air conditioned carriage house, there was a display of origami folded by Robert Lang.  He used one piece of paper and no cuts.   The objects were all about nature.   Birds, butterflies, flowers, insects... I especially liked the bugs... the details was exquisite!

There were many other pictures of flowers, but not today.

Some of these flowers are found on the side of the road...just fabulous!  Have a great day.

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