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Monday, October 27, 2008

Grapevine Wreaths

We started this activity a month ago with the intent of selling these in the flower shop around Veteran's Day. This activity of course could be modified for any holiday or special occasion.

I have found that my patients are very creative and expressive in their talents but don't readily admit thus. Why that is the case, I am not certain. Perhaps, it is borne of great sadness over the loss of dreams and is an example of the disappointment that follows substance abuse. Talent is great fodder for discussions about how they obtained this creative talent, what types of other artistic and creative activities they like and/or participate in now. Inevitably, we get in discussions that require a great deal of humor because they are sensitive, and full of stories of past hopes and dreams. Perhaps, if you use this type of therapy you would also see that the avenue for therapy is alongside the activity and not exactly the activity itself.

Most of my patients, have lost their sense of pre-substance abuse self which we are hoping to carefully explore. For example, many of my patients have musical talents. Singing and playing instruments are commonalities that we discuss while watering plants or shining leaves of houseplants. We almost always discuss music when we are landscaping. When it is 85 degrees in the shade, and you are out in the full sun weeding flower beds and then spreading black mulch around a building, you would be surprised at the topics of discussion. Anything to distract oneself from the sweat pouring down your back and sweat rivulets running into your eye.

This activity requires the use of a hot glue gun, previously dried grapevine wreaths, assorted silk flowers. silk greenery and red-white-blue ribbon.

We took the pre-purchased wreaths (18 in) and put silk flowers and greenery on the bottom of the wreath and hot glued them there. Then a huge 3 looped bow which was wrapped together with floral wire and it was left with extra long tails... and the tails were draped onto the wreath.

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