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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Walk in my boots first...

Where I work, it is part of the government. I wish that all the people who think that taxes are just wasted could spend a day with me especially during the summer. Better bring your steel toed boots because you are going to work, and you better expect to get good and dirty.

If YOU ALL truly hate socialism, do you hate the social programs too? I dare you to not accept all the social nuances that are available in this country:

Social Security
Government Aid in times of Disaster (when insurance companies don't want to pay... and your house has been torn apart by tornado, or flooded, or burned by fires)
Medicare (when you retire or just get to this age without a significant income ...do you want to pay for all your medical bills on your own?)
Medical Assistance
Social Security Disability Insurance

BTW, don't visit State Parks because they were built by a social program started by T. Roosevelt.

Be honest... you don't mind some of the programs. They may not be run the way that you think they should be run but then again, nothing could be.

I don't want to just work for people that don't want to work. I work hard for every penny that comes my way.

Unlike most of the people who are against helping the unfortunate (and have jumped on this burning bandwagon of anti-socialism), I work with the poor, the deranged, hungry, and sick. I know that charity only goes so far. You can stand on your righteous pedestal and say that people should have thought about this and that or planned for this and that, but let's get real. Do you plan on getting cancer or hurting your back? Do you dream that your child will become a heroin addict? Did you count on your house getting ruined from a natural disaster? Did you plan on losing your job? Expect to just rely on charity? HA!

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