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Friday, November 7, 2008

Finally Friday... and here are those arrangements.

As mentioned in the previous post, Horticulture Therapy has been working on the table arrangements for 2 of the functions at our facility this week being that we are celebrating Veterans Week. We had made table favors for the Woman Veteran's Luncheon (Wednesday) and arrangements for the Veterans Banquet on Thursday evening. And... I just thought...well, perhaps these patriotic centerpieces could be easily modified to fit any occasion because they were easy to make (and they actually looked good). We made these arrangement on some excruciatingly hot days in August when we could spend a few afternoons in the air conditioning at the Flower Shop instead of passing out from heat exhaustion outside.

With any project, you have to gather supplies. We used:
1. Five inch classic urn (nice height for table arrangement)

2. Silk Flowers. For this arrangement, we used pure white carnations, red carnations, and either blue carnations, or blue delphinium....

3. #9 Red-White-Blue Ribbon

4. Blue glass stones


Wire cutter



1. Cut a piece of ribbon to go around the neck of the glass urn. Since I can't get my guys to tie a fancy bow, we just tied the ribbon on with a french knot. Left the tails long enough to give a slight curl with a pair of scissors.

2. Count out about 25 blue glass stones and put stones in the bottom of the vase. The color of the stones should compliment the flowers that you are using. We used something dark to hide the stems.

3. Using wire cutters, cut flowers off the bunch of silk flowers at the press marks. I later snipped off an inch or two to lower the height of the arrangement since I knew that these would be on dinner tables.

4. As you can see from the picture, you will have several springs of each color. Roughly the same of two colors (about 5 sprigs each) and less of the accent color (in this case, blue). Place all these sprigs in the vase. However, it is arranged will look nice because it is a small arrangement.

This is what we ended with... 40 of these graced the tables at the Banquet and were given away at the end of the evening to persons with a rubber band on the leg of their chair.

Something simple. Something that all could participate in whether it was cutting lengths of ribbon, tying or curling ribbon, or counting stones. And all could say that it was made by veterans and not the Horticulturist...she designed the first one, but hey...

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