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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Thanksgiving Cornucopia's...

Our arrangement was our horticulture therapy assignment for this week. This wicker cornucopia comes with a liner for holding that 3/4 brick of floral foam. This is another one of those tasks that can be broken down if you have patients who can not complete the whole task. The liner sits at the end of the horn and therefore, when the flowers are in the liner, it fills the back of the horn.

I found that at first, I cut all the flowers off the stems and told the patients how many we could put in each cornucopia. But, I have a veteran who is rather creative, and he caught on very quickly. So, then I just went by how many stems of flowers that I wanted to use. We put a stem and a half of 2 colors of cushion mums, half stem of poms (daisies). These fresh flowers were then mixed in with solidago (yellow filler flower), baby's breath, eucalyptus, gourd/squash on picks. mini cattails, dried wheat, and fern or evergreens.
I had one veteran just greening up the floral foam for the cornucopias (putting individual leaves of fern or evergreens around the perimeter of the horn) to speed things along.


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