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Friday, November 21, 2008

With a little snow...

it feels like the Holiday season, finally! Left early for work this morning but still ended up late. My co-worker had the crew shovelling our walkways and salting around the greenhouse.

Yesterday, the first shipment of poinsettias came in. 4 different sizes... 4.25 in (single stems for decorating the dining room), 6, 7 and 8. What a difference an inch of pot space gives-the 8 inch are so HUGE!!! They are always SO beautiful coming off the truck. With 4 veteran patients, the truck was unloaded in no time. I convinced the medical center to keep the shop one time by reminding the upper management how the staff and patients love to see and smell fresh Christmas florals and evergreens. Here is how we display the 6 inch reds and some pinks ... it is a tower and definitely looks better in person ...and the plants sit in rings around a steel a-frame.

Along with poinsettias, I also got some fresh rosemary trees. Those are just fabulous...smell vunderbar. They require a bright sunny window and vigilant watering (as they are quite pot bound). I read an article online that says that you should repot rosemary trees after you buy them because they are extremely pot bound. That is an incredibly smart idea because that way you don't have to water it every day or so.

The other day I was writing a log book for the day that I am not there to run the show...whether due to vacation, sickness or eventual retirement (well, I can ALWAYS hope that the buyout will come in my lifetime!) Teachers leave lesson plans... I am leaving a log book. I have some lesson plans but not as many as I should have. One of the things in a log book was the importance of getting vendors who understand the type of program that you are running. It is the part of being a counselor running a quasi floral business that challenges me the most... trying to work with vendors who don't understand the unique business and the weird confines I operate within.

Topics for discussion: politics of the government and thus, the military vs. the warrior, weddings and divorces, addictions, and of course, the weather!

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