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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Seed project

Since it was absolutely frigid outside (for my southwestern readers that means it was with snow thank you very much) we stayed in the greenhouse. The temp in the greenhouse is a uneven 75-80 degrees... and humid. Bring your shorts if you are too hot, is what I say to those who complain!

My mother sent me 2 types of basil seeds, 4 o'clocks, inland sea oats, and lantana seeds. We are soaking the lantana seeds to soften them up before we pop them into soil. The 4 o'clocks are going to wait until closer to the spring to plant them. But the basil, we had an aromatic time separating the husks from the seeds. We are planting two seeds per cell in the propagation sheets. The inland sea oats, I decided we would try to plant two seeds per cell because they are relatively small compared to the 4 o'clocks and the lantana.

I went to my collection of seeds because my crew had finished seeding and realized that the hyacinth bean seed pod that I had collected were not drying nicely and 20% of them were rotting. Therefore, we took them out of the seed pods, and put them on paper towels to dry in the second greenhouse (it is basically a place to put potting soil and occasionally functions as a small isolation greenhouse).

I decided we would do a couple trays of Crackerjack marigold seeds. Hey, marigolds in January... why not?
Todays discussions: Why does basil smell like an illicit substance? Professional Sports. Job Searching.

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