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Saturday, November 15, 2008

worm bins

Worm compost is wonderful for plants. I grew 2 ginormous aloe plants in worm compost. However...

I know now why most people don't have a worm bin for very long in their home.... fruit flies! I have downloaded some pictures...no, these are not my personal photos but i have these items. Black plastic worm bin - mine has 5 trays. I used red wiggler worms as they do well in shallow bins...

Daughter helped me take the bin outside as the flies are horrible. Going to see if I can get rid of the infestation otherwise, will need to start over.


  1. Hello,
    I had the same experience with the fruit flies, but I think my whole project was otherwise doomed. I would forget to take care of my wrigglers...forgetting to keep the compost moist, etc. I do love the worm frass though! I think i'll just have to stick with the wild worms that do their work in my compost pile outside. ;)

  2. I have 5 big compost piles at work, but this is just for my lil' townhouse. I stuck the bin outside yesterday, which got rid of some of them. Today, it has become cold again so I brought it back down into the basement. I crumbled up 4 sheets of newspaper and put it on the last tray of food. That was the worst bin filled with fruit flies. I have ordered some natural bait. This year was the worst... last year wasn't so bad but maybe it was too moist this year. AGGh. Only gardeners understand the fascination with worms...he he he!

  3. Thanks for posting about this, I had no idea that fruit flies would be a problem with indoor composters. When we finally get one, maybe I can put it in the underground parking, since outside is really too cold/hot for them.
    I have been wanting to start one for ages, must put it on the list.

    Thanks by the way, for signing up as a follower on my blog. I am looking forward to reading yours. Are you on Blotanical?


  4. Jen, it seems that the fruit flies are worse in the fall. I did some research online, and I learned that if you remember to wash off your fruit before you put it in the compost, the fly population is significantly diminshed. Also, you put the food underneath crumpled up newspaper it helps keep the flies down. My last defense is a fruit fly glueboard...

    I will perservere! Good luck with yours!