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Monday, December 8, 2008

17 days...

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAhhh! I feel like running around hollering...NO!! It can't be true, I am not ready for Christmas to be here in 17 days.

Well, guess that really isn't going to help time slow down one iota.

So, got a whole truckload of fresh poinsettias ( different sizes) , rosemary trees, a few Christmas Cactus, and some Norfolk Pine. Remember those double ended berries from several posts ago? I got them out again. Had the guys decorate the Norfolk pine that we got off the truck today with those berries. The store really looks very festive... even more than before! Tomorrow, we get the second order of the fresh evergreen wreaths. Incense berries, juniper berries, and noble fir make the shop smell of the woods and holidays.

We are still working on listening vs. asking questions because a person wasn't paying attention and therefore didn't hear the instructions. This has always been an issue but has risen to a feverish pitch.

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