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Sunday, December 7, 2008


Remember when you were very young... and the wait until Christmas dragged on and on and on??? On Friday, I realized that we were in mid-December with only 2 more Fridays until Christmas. What?? It can't be!!

We had quite a week last week ...not so good with many mistakes that were costly. First big mistake was when someone developed this plan to speed through 60 bows... can you tell that this did NOT end well? I trained the individuals with how I wanted the bows but they decided to do things their way when I left to cut evergreens. Their plan was faulted and about 40 veltex bows were made at the wrong dimensions. Veltex is not forgiving and the bows could not be undone and remade into anything else... I have been adding extra ribbon into some to make huge multi ribbon bows. SIGH!!! Another mistake was that a length of roping and several wreaths...gone and the customers that ordered them will have to wait until the next shipment... err! And the final one was when a patient knocked one of the snowman figurines on the floor... So, they got a lecture which included how to listen so that our program can stay out of the red.

It seems like it was just summer and here we are in the middle of December. ACH!

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