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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas

This is a very easy small round arrangement. The concept is easy and can be adapted to fit many different seasons. Different greens and different flowers for different seasons. Right now we are using fresh cut holly, white pine, balsam, arborvitae with small pines gathered on station. For special fragrance, small sprigs of incense cedar are placed in the arrangement. We are using red, white, or peppermint (a variegated) carnations...

First cut greens of various types: size, texture, different kinds of leaves, sizes.

Condition one brick of Oasis. Cut the brick of Oasis in thirds. Put one third of the Oasis in a small plastic round.

Place one candle holder in the middle of the brick. One long taper in the holder.

Green up arrangement by taking small pieces of baker's fern and spacing one to two inches apart around the bottom edge of plastic container. This will basically create a fringe that covers the edge of the container. Once the container is greened, place 3 cut flowers in conspicuous corners. Fill spaces with small pieces of baby's breath.

Keep arrangement watered. Refrigerate if possible to extend life of arrangement.

Then place cut greens at similar angles in the oasis.

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