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Friday, December 12, 2008

Patrons.. (should have been posted Friday)

Any social service agency is always so grateful to the benefactors and in my case, the patrons of my shop. People who support the programs with their money so that the program can continue. Though none of them will probably be reading this blog, I tell them to their face how good they are to the shop for buying their flowers and plants as personal items or as gifts. Today we had several very good customers stop by. One customer had been to several national cemetaries and had noticed the beautiful balsam wreaths on the graves. She and several others raised money and they bought 60 wreaths and stands. My crew made the bows and put them on the wreaths. Another customer came in and and ordered small poinsettias for everyone that she immediately works with (25 people) in addition to buying a decorated wreath and 2 classic swags. Another customer came in and bought as gifts for the officers of the group. She ended up buying 4 wreaths and 3 evergreen bark baskets.

These warm fuzzies compensated for the conversations today: men having difficulty working with women bosses, men who get in a bunch about changes to things that they have made, men who can't change directions without getting into an uproar...


  1. KSR--
    Are you interested in applying for grants? I just found this one from fiskars and have passed it onto a couple of organizations that I am trying to get some things moving on.


    Happy Holidays!

  2. It looks very interesting. I am going to ask my supervisor if it would be appropriate. Thank YOU!!