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Thursday, December 11, 2008

window swags...

We don't actually make these swags from scratch... we take single classic swags bought wholesale (as pictured on the right) and combine two at a time, end to end. We have found that if you combine them end to end and insert a bamboo skewer in the middle of the end that connects to the other end... you can wire them together relatively seamlessly.

The wiring gets "hidden" with a huge bow.

They attach very nicely to a window sill... and because they have juniper berries, they actually smell fabulous! This is the time of year when we go out to the staff at the facility.
One of my guys transitioned out of my program and is starting to work full time tonight in the community. So, we have a little celebration complete with chocolate cake for a job well done. I always say to the folks who are transitioning that the four months that they spent with me is a test of their ability to work out in the community. I am not easy (in comparison to their other counselors) but I am certainly easier than many of the employers out in the community. Finishing four months of horticulture with me, is an accomplishment worth of cake.
Of course, conversation moves on to the plans for the future. Other topics for discussion: Family, recovery in the community, family expectations, things to do to stay clean and keep from being bored...

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