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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Chasing away Winter Blues...

The New Leaf Flower Shop has been working hard on chasing away the winter blues that come with the cold temps and monochrome landscape. Two of the veterans who work in the shop have come down with horrible cases of bronchitis. For one of my senior vets who had a long history of COPD, bronchitis is pretty serious...we hope that the pneumonia stays away.

But the remaining veterans and Shop staff have brought in 2 deliveries in the last 2 weeks to replenish what has been sold at Christmas. Additionally, remaining stock needs to go to the Greenhouse for some Sunshine Therapy. Last week we brought in small 4 inch pots of many standard houseplants. I keep the standards stocked and inexpensive since many of our customers are the veterans themselves who live in the domiciliaries. Taking care of a plant is the first thing that they have been able to take care of since becoming clean and sober. This week I brought some more expensive items into the shop. Small and Large Juniper Bonsai and 4.5 inch Money Trees. Back to teaching about the how to kill a plant via watering...it could be underwatering or overwatering. Previous crews were notorious for overwatering, now I can't get my crew to give the plants enough water. *SIGH*

So, we got these lovely cyclamens in today's delivery. These pictures flatten the colors. There are two varieties that compliment each other. One is a plain vibrant magenta. The second is a variegated magenta and white... BLAM! POP! We have them displayed with a ton of greenery... you can see an aloe leaf poking into the picture.


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