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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Decorating and teaching

I have a new crew in the Flower Shop. That is good and that is not so good. What is good about having a new veteran patient crew is that the old funky behaviors of the previous crew are gone. However, I need to repeat myself on almost every issue that I have been working on since August as there is no veteran to teach the others historical perspective or lessons learned.

So, part of Horticulture Therapy is simply compensated work therapy. A place for patients to work for pay and maintain therapeutic appointments without loosing their jobs. The other part is the Horticulture part. Today we spent watering the new plants that have been delivered. I then got out a few different glassware... to get everyone in the mood for Valentine's DAy. Since it was so cold outside, the customer base was very limited in the shop. We spent the afternoon decorating.

I have two meetings tomorrow. We will probably work in the greenhouse in the morning doing a bunch of transplanting and moving things around. Then in the afternoon, I will have everyone in the Flowershop... Working on making valentine decorative wreaths and mosaics... lots of mosaics.

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