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Saturday, January 17, 2009

The woes of an old greenhouse

I walked into the greenhouse on Thursday morning... really I was running in there to escape the ravages of Mr. Wind howling around in our parking area. Usually the hot blast from the steam pipes takes me a few minutes to readjust. However on Thursday, it was actually comfortable.

Rut roh... sumfing not right here!

Correct! The thermometer read 62 degrees Fahrenheit. Now, when compared to the outside temps that were in the teens, I should be thankful. Yes, but...

it should have 75-80 degrees in there.

Mama Aloe is blooming.... she needs warmth and sunshine.
So, I called the plumbers. `It isn't the steam pipes...' DANG! That means that it might be the thermostat. George the plumber says he will talk to the electrical shop to get someone to look at the thermostat and replace if necessary. I had the guys with me in the greenhouse repotting peace lilies, island oat grass, and the lavender topiaries (will get a picture in a few weeks to show progress) in the AM. Since I didn't know if this thermostat was going to go totally out, the afternoon was spent in the flowershop working on mosaics and cleaning the leaves of large potted plants.

Friday morning I run into the greenhouse again. It is still 62 degrees in there which feels a whole lot better than 9 degrees outside. So, I put in an emergency work order for the electricians just in case the message didn't get to the electrical shop on Thursday. Took the guys to the Flowershop as the shop was open for business. When I finally got back to the greenhouse, the temp was up to 70 degrees! Hot DAWG!


  1. Hello! It was nice to see your comment and then come hunt around your blog! It looks great. Fortunately or Unfortunately I like to ask questions...you talked about working on your mosaics in the flower shop? Sounds interesting...what exactly are you talking about? I would love to see pictures of the flowers you mentioned when you get them up!

  2. You are so welcome! Back in October, 2008 (the 22nd i believe) I wrote a section on the mosaics in the Flowershop. They are recycled unwanted ceramics projects from recreation therapists in the hospice and the nursing homes. Come back in a few days, I hope to have a couple progress reports as one of the mosaics is done... and the lavender have been transplanted!