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Monday, February 2, 2009

The hard part...

about vocational counseling in a Horticulture Therapy section is when someone leaves and you can't get them to see the value of working in the program. It is hard to fathom why you wouldn't want to work in a greenhouse when it is usually freezing outside? It is hard to fathom why you would rather wander aimlessly around a medical facility when you could be hanging out with plants in a flower shop. Oh well, you just can't reach everyone. Its the feeling of having a most difficult houseplant just shrivel up for no reason...


  1. From working in the social services/education system I know exactly what you mean by that sentiment! Wow. I guess everyone has their agency, but sometimes it's hard to comprehend, let alone make an emotional disconnect.

  2. I hate that part of the job... when people are sabotaging their treatment and you just have to let them do it. It's their RIGHT to fail. Sheesh! But, right behind him are a gazillion others. Thanks!