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Friday, February 6, 2009

It worked! and other happenings in the greenhouse.

The experiment with the bromiliads worked... those are buds... I am so excited!

How exciting! Bloomin Bromiliads!! How many times can you say that!!

Other updates~
Initially transplanted the lavender topiaries into larger pots...one braided plant to a pot. Me thinks, they looked swallowed up in the gallon pots. So, I had the veterans combine two plants together and twisted their trunks together. Much better. Plants are doing fine. Relocated them so they get more sun and so that I can water them better.

We started Plains Coreopsis and Purple Coneflower way before Christmas because I wanted the plants to be well established by spring. Also, I had hands that needed to be busy. The plants are doing well. Had a hideous case of aphids and white flies. Additionally, the coneflower were in a spot where there was leakage from condensation. So, I moved them to the hot spot in the greenhouse, took all the dead leaves off, watered them again and sprayed them for the gazillionth time with Neem Oil. I think the move did them good. The coreopsis are also looking better because they got moved too!

The last thing to report on is things we are doing to the greenhouse in preparation for the onslaught of bedding plant plugs. For those of you who might be unfamiliar with that term, plugs are the starter plants. We buy them by the hundreds... and about 2,000 will be arriving over a months' time. That maybe an exxageration but it is monstrous! Plus, I also start seedlings. So, to say that I need every square inch of the greenhouse is an understatement. Last year I bought galvanized pipes to lay in the existing grooves in the empty shelving brackets of the greenhouse. A tray of plants turned sideways would usually stay put but often would slip off. There was some pre-existing 1/4 inch plexiglass in the greenhouse, but that is rather expensive to buy more of the same. So, insight hit in the form of fencing... galvanized fencing to be exact. Bought 2 rolls of 36 in by 50 feet. Cut the fencing roll in thirds widthwise... so each strip is about 10 or 12 inches wide. It gets secured onto the piping with wire on one side and bent around the pipe on the other side. It is AWESOME. Don't know how long this will stay put since I imagine it will start rusting after awhile with the inordinate amount of humidity and water that we have but I hope it will stay put for at least 2 seasons.


  1. How exciting! I am glad you experiment worked! Good luck finding a spot for all of you starts. Sounds like fun. I loved your valentine day card too!

  2. Thank you so much for stopping by... I have included some pictures of the baby bromo's...