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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Learning by doing...Lavender Topiaries and Lessons Still Learning

They started this way... little seeds in propagation sheets ... thousands of the little boogers!

Then months and months went by and the patients and I shoved them in pots to fend for themselves over the summer while we landscaped. This is a shot of them on their good days...

They grew long and leggy.

We decided to braid them and make single topiaries out of them. Well, that sent all the plants into shock. After about a year... of manipulations... now growing in one gallon pots! Tada!
Lessons learned... this was an exercise that I will not repeat until I can learn how to do this from someone else. But, it was something to fuss with until the baby bedding plants start coming in next week.

Lessons learned...not all types of therapy are for all types of people and certainly not all sorts of patients. Today was one of those days! A patient that I had been only working with for a number of weeks really went off on another patient today. Patient number one has many cognitive issues that make him hard to work with as he does not learn new tasks quickly and therefore, tends to ruminate on subjects and tasks that he feels familiar with but not necessarily competent with. It started yesterday with the first patient verbalizing that he didn't like the other patient. I should have just removed him then but I think people should learn to work through their differences of opinion. After all, we all don't like each other. We all don't have the same likes, dislikes, and talents. But, I didn't remove patient number one and it escalated to a potential crisis. Today, it escalated to the point that I told one patient to go home and he has finished his assignment in my area because a verbal altercation occurred.

Lessons learned... mechanical objects fail just like humans. The sprayer broke again today. For the second time... the human factor broke it this time.

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