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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Fertilization and Repair

Too much of a good thing is bad. So goes it with chemical fertilization of plants, a necessary activity for greenhouse production. Last year, much to my ignorance, I did not fertilize the bedding plants and they were behind schedule comparitively speaking. The luscious flowers that would have encouraged customers to swoon from heady anticipation of garden glories did not exist. Last year, I saved most of the seed packets for their pictures of flowers and made picture displays for the customers. This year, there are still several pictures, but I hope to have more mature plants with more blooms.

I talk to my patients about the analogies of life and plants. It is no coincidence that these comparisons are so easily followed and applicable in our day to day lives. People understand too much of a good thing rule... too much water, too much fertilizer, too much sun (and not enough sleep or darkness), and too much wind (versus no air circulation/stagnancy).

Horticulture Therapy is fertilization for woundedness. As a horticulture therapist, my goal is let the plants heal what is wounded by others.

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  1. Wonderful blog post. Love the concept of this therapy. The picture is phenomenal! May have to visit that clip art source. :~)

  2. Dealing with plants is a safe place to deal with the realities of life and death. I believe gardening has been a healing thing for me.

  3. To Pat and Red Clover: Thank you for your comments. I believe many a personal garden has been watered by my tears or the sweat of my frustration. But it is totally acceptable to talk to the plants or beat the dirt up! Thanks again!

  4. We have deviated from the nature and prservation of its bounties. As you said too much of anything is bad.