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Friday, March 20, 2009

Let it grow, let it grow, let it growwwww!!!!

All the herbs have germinated.... they are happily growing in market packets. The list is impressive compared to last year.

Basil Catnip Parsley Cilantro Rosemary Dill Chamomile Savory Thyme Oregano Chives

I have received all the plugs of plants that I ordered in October 2008. The greenhouse is beginning to bulge in certain areas. We only have had one labelling "accident" so far. One of the trays of petunias was labelled in correctly. But as soon as they start to bloom, that will be come very evident that the petunias labelled "wave the flag" are pink and not red white and blue.

This week, I have been having the veterans seed up zinnias (Cut and Come Again) , and several varieties of marigolds. I honestly didn't realize that I had so many varieties of marigolds on hand when I placed an order with Park Seeds. As I was in one of my anti-clutter modes in the greenhouse, I started finding seed packets here and there. That wasn't a planned thing. As a matter of fact, I have started to store the seeds in a small brown box that we store in the refrigerator so that experience is NOT repeated.

Shown on the left: Crackerjack (nice and tall) will be used in the half barrels around campus along with something low growing (maybe vinca or ageratum) and also something trailing.

Other marigold varieties that we seeded are: French dwarf (shown on the right) ,Yellow Boy, Janie Yellow, Bonanza, and Janie Tangerine.

Today was enough of a nice day that one of the vets turned over 3 compost piles... I am starting to think of making the flower barrels and then filling them with compost and fertilizer! We can start placing them around the Medical Center with dirt in them and put the flowers in later. Spring Fever has sprung!


  1. sounds like you stay very busy!

    thanks for the visit to my little blog.

    come visit GR anytime and I will show you around. things are changing every day here.

  2. Hi ksr,

    I'm going to plant herbs for cooking the first time this year. I'm starting with oregano, basil, parsley. I plan to direct sow in the garden or containers.

    I'm not sure how the direct sow will work, but I'm going to give it a try.

    Any advice?

  3. Doreen,
    I thank you for the offer. It's the only place except for the internet where i can get real babbalaars (sp?)


    I haven't had any experience with direct sowing herbs. However, I did read that the soil should be well turned over. If you do containers, plant the seeds close to the top of the soil. Moisten the soil. Place plastic over the container and place in the sun for heat... basil will come up first!