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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Determined to grow tomatoes...

Would you believe that I currently live in a small 3 bedroom townhouse with a postage stamp sized front garden and common grounds? Yup. This doesn't encourage much gardening by yours truly. Other reasons why I don't do much gardening or growing of plants is that my greyhound has a passion for eating or destroying large potted houseplants. He developed seizures which we later learned were caused from his penchant for the umbrella palm which is toxic (I now check all my houseplants for toxicity).

But, I want to grow tomatoes for their homegrown goodness!

My initiation to gardening started with helping my parents in their suburban cape cod and jam packed vegetable gardens when I was a tween. It continued to flourish after I graduated from college and lived in Baltimore City in a brick rowhouse surrounded by deep shade and ginormous grey squirrels (who were and still are the bane of my existence). Then when I moved to Lancaster PA I lived in a house that had gorgeous old flowerbeds and huge rhododendrons. However, that reality changed and I am now living in a townhouse. Boring but easy to take care of and affordable.

So, even though I don't have the space for a veggie garden, I still want to grow a tomato plant because homegrown tomatoes are the best when sunripened, warm, and eaten immediately. I have been working at solving this dilemma for a few years now. Two years ago, I bought a contraption that says that you can grow the tomatoes upside down. Strange and Beautiful. Except, I don't have a place to hang it. Last year I tried to grown tomatoes in an old kitchen trash can... it worked ok for awhile but wasn't very satisfactory late summer.

So THIS year, I am going to buy a stand. Hopefully, that stand will fit in a little space next to the canoe on the back porch. I know I have good sun (southern exposure) so ... let's see if this experiment will work!

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