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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Airing out the seedlings....

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Another blog reminded me... it is time to "harden" up the seedlings by giving them some more air. I have already moved the lettuce and the dill to the unheated greenhouse so they could get used to colder air. Within the next few days, I think that we are going to start moving quite a few things outside to get some air. Perhaps, all of those lavender topiaries that we made.... they need to harden up and get used to the real rays of the sun. Some of my perennials that I have been growing all winter like Coreopsis or Cone flowers could venture outside for a few hours to toughen them up a bit.

Air is one of those things that is important in growing plants and is often overlooked as a cause of plant demise. I have noticed that at the flowershop, I move plants around sometimes because they need to be able to receive more circulating air. Too many plants next to each other will result in starved plants that seem to wither away. You should see the looks from the patients when I tell them not to put the plants together one completely next to another so that they can breathe. The expression is something like: "Are you serious? Why are you treating this plant like a human?" Well, yes, plants are living organisms too... Horticulture Therapists have been known to use this analogy to work with patients on developing appropriate and healthy relationships with others by working with plants and practicing positive behaviors to get over negative behaviors in a relationship such as smothering, overbearing, and manipulation.

I will close with one of my favorite sayings from a co-worker's mother in regards to the benefits of clean air and kids:


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