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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Taking Care of Others

I started the day talking about how a group of veterans from the Senior Dementia Unit was going to visit the greenhouse on a "field trip" today. One of my guys in HT commented "that's too bad." He went on to explain that it was a shame that these guys have bodies that are aging but the mind has left long ago. He mentioned that he did not want to die that way.

We started the morning talking about taking care of others and how it affects oneself. Several of the veterans shared about either taking care of their parent (s) and or a senior member of the family. One of my guys shared how he took care of his mother after she had been diagnosed with cancer. He was living with her in her house and knew the moment that she died because he felt this nudge that awoke him.

We spoke briefly of the change that occurs when we start to take care of our aging loved ones. We also spoke about the drain on one's psyche that taking care of others places. Relapse often occurs because the emotional drain is so significant.

I was not present today during the "field trip" as I was at the Flower Shoppe with 2 veterans and a new delivery of plants. However, I was told that the remaining 2 veterans at the greenhouse from the Horticulture Therapy program enjoyed helping out the older veterans be part of Horticulture by wheeling them into the greenhouse and helping them plant seeds.

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