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Wednesday, March 25, 2009


In the type of Horticulture Therapy program at the VA where I work, we experience many different aspects that keep things interesting. Today, I took a couple of the guys out on the grounds to our very small orchard that is within walking distance of the greenhouse. I taught them a very few elemental aspects of pruning fruit trees. Simply put, pruning is necessary to remove the excess shoots from the fruit trees so that they can focus their energy on the branches that will produce fruit. Don't forget to seal the wound that you have created so that the bugs do not get into the tree and wreak havoc. Its a lesson that pertains to life and learning to accept the changes that come about because of maturity and immaturity.

John 15:2

We had to remove a plum tree due to its fungal infection. Within moments, one of the guys had brought down the tree (only about 5 inches across) with 2 swift kicks. Yes, horticulture therapy allows for some well channelled aggression. It is still socially appropriate to use one's brute strength to bring down small fruit trees and cut off sucker and water shoots.

We all get pruned sometimes .... most of the time it is takes away the bad and lets the good grow strong.

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