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Monday, March 30, 2009

where do you think you are... a resort? at home?

I think bloggers are entitled to rant. A bit. Or maybe alot. But I just want to rant a little...because otherwise, I might really beat something into the ground.

Ever since I have worked in Horticulture and really shaped up the flowerbeds around the hospital where I work, it is amazing what suggestions are made to me. I mean, I have a returned the greenhouse to a working greenhouse. Presently, it is jammed to the hilt with plants that have been grown from seed or plugs. Annuals and perennials. Houseplants, bedding plants, herbs, and vegetables. I have had help with turning the flower shoppe into a program that is recongnized amongst the facility.

But be careful... when you do a good job, everyone wants to do what you do or they want you to do something for them.

Here is an example of ridiculous "requests" at a Medical Center.... mind you this is not a resort!Last year, a committee member for a ex-Pow luncheon called me in Early-April and wanted me to plant flowers in the barrels outside this building. Not practical I said because flowers will freeze and I don't have any pansies that I could plant. On a facility with 100 plus acres, I start to plant the barrels at one time and make them similiar so that there is a pattern. Plus, the greenhouse is so busy, that I am only beginning to clean beds out when she called. She was so infuriated that I wouldn't plant the barrels that she planted pansies in the barrels herself. They died because she didn't water them. duh...

Here is another example of how people think they are home AND a resort! Certain therapists want to plant flowers and vegetables "with their patients" in the flowerbeds. Mind you, the patients are not young enough, coginitively aware, or stable enough to be able to stand for more than 30 seconds at a time. So, the vegetables that they "planted" were taken care of by the nurses and like staff who also saw fit to take these veggies home. The patients did not want to plant anything. Staff wanted to plant stuff. Then the other therapists want to use pots and tubs to plant flowers and veggies on the patio outside the building. Those pots and tubs are still outside and now are cracked and gross looking because they didn't remove them in the winter. This isn't a resort where someone cleans behind you nor is it your home where you can leave whatever you want wherever you want.

Its funny....when the beds where full of weeds and poison ivy, I didn't see any therapists volunteering to clean them out. But, now that I have cleaned out the beds, I have more than enough volunteers to plant junk or put junky "tin sculptures" in them. That would almost be considered if they helped keep the flowerbeds clean and also cleaned the beds out after the growing season was finished. Nope.

Here is the best one! Last year a certain section called the patient advocate on me because I turned off the waterfall because it was broken and I could not fix it. The patient advocate turned on the waterfall because it was to keep the patient's from getting upset. A contractor was called in and they promptly turned off the waterfall until they could fix it. So, this spring guess what section calls me and asks me "when are you going to drain the waterfall?"

I will put you on my list. It's a loooooooooooooooooong list.

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